1. 2022 10/5
    1. RT @NASA: We're sending @Snoopy around the Moon aboard #Artemis I. As the zero-gravity indicator, his spaceflight marks the next chapter in our relationship with Peanuts Worldwide that launched with Apollo in the 1960s: https://t.co/rvcIKiMYHn https://t.co/HaWQNMQ2wY

  2. 2022 10/1
    1. RT @kunohemasaza: 鴻巣花火大会のドローンショー! ポケモンGO! すごい! オリンピックよりすごい! https://t.co/qPlgmjWJb1

    1. RT @PokemonGOAppJP: 10月1日(土)に埼玉県・鴻巣で開催される「こうのす花火大会」内にて「#ポケモンGO スペシャルドローンショー 秋」が上演決定! 夏から秋への移ろいに合わせて新たなポケモンが現れるほか、リアル花火との共演も! 700機のドローンによる、秋の夜空での大冒険をお楽しみください。 #大冒険の秋がきた https://t.co/oLrPhXXD3j

  3. 2022 9/29
    1. RT @business: “Jackie, are you here? Where’s Jackie?" Biden called out a recently deceased congresswoman in remarks at a hunger conference she helped organize, addressing Indiana Republican Jackie Walorski as if she were still alive https://t.co/OX7620HKJs https://t.co/QhjdsgsDrn

  4. 2022 9/27
    1. RT @NASA: IMPACT SUCCESS! Watch from #DARTMIssion’s DRACO Camera, as the vending machine-sized spacecraft successfully collides with asteroid Dimorphos, which is the size of a football stadium and poses no threat to Earth. https://t.co/7bXipPkjWD

  5. 2022 9/26
    1. RT @ATRightMovies: MICHAEL DOUGLAS celebrates his 78th birthday today. A two-time Oscar winner, here's his iconic "greed is good" speech from WALL STREET (1987). https://t.co/q1w7REHYec

  6. 2022 9/21
    1. RT @Starbucks_J: 本日(9/21)から『#焼き芋ブリュレフラペチーノ ®』が新登場🍠💛 焼き芋の甘みとこんがりブリュレの香ばしさが合わさった、ブリュレチップのパリパリ食感も楽しめるフラペチーノ®です。 焼き芋の香ばしい風味で、深まる秋のひとときをぜひお楽しみください😋🍁

    1. RT @RoyalFamily: As The Queen's Committal Service comes to a close, Her Majesty's Piper plays a lament. https://t.co/4DVIUuCoPO

    1. RT @paddingtonbear: Thank you Ma’am, for everything.

    1. RT @andylines: Rainbow at Buckingham Palace. https://t.co/qHNJMcj5UH